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About Us

Every day of our working lives, we seek to improve the level of gracious living for those people who are touched by our products and services. We aim to provide the most affordable luxury in an assortment of styles ranging from very traditional to totally contemporary. We assess consumer needs in the kitchen, toilet & bath areas & offer solutions as to how we can address them.

In Kitchen & Bath, we offer different styles & varieties, numerous options & a huge range of products. Products are available in numerous styles, colors & materials.

All requirements are met in one place, under one roof!

Our New Delhi showroom, spread over 8000 sq. feet, is very conveniently located, almost adjoining the heart of South Delhi, at Ghitorni, M G Road, New Delhi.

On display are the entire range of kitchenware & bathroom products. Inside Homes offers complete home (bath & kitchen) solutions for private residences, hotel projects & other large real estate developments.

System Partners

INSIDE HOMES offers complete home (Bath, Kitchen & Tiles) solutions for private residences, hotel projects & other large real estate developments.

INSIDE HOMES is proud to be specialist dealer for renowned brands Dornbracht&KOHLER, leaders as far as trends in sanitary ware & kitchen ware industry go. The focus of INSIDE HOMES, as always, is to satisfy customers in pursuit of enjoying European lifestyle & contemporary American.

Dornbracht – since 1950, this name has signified the production of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom. Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, is a third-generation, medium-sized family company, whose products have have received numerous awards and significantly shaped the decor, architecture and functionality in bathrooms and kitchens. This global player, with its head office in Iserlohn, enjoys a reputation throughout the industry for being highly-innovative, because it has the flexibility to respond to change and progress and quickly implement forward-looking concepts all along the added-value chain.

Dornbracht is one of the few companies in the sanitation sector that manufactures, without exception, in Germany. 90% of their suppliers come from Germany, with more than 70% from the South Westphalia region. The company also ensures its competitiveness by its advanced development of the "fractal factory" production concept. With the proviso of reducing the complexity of the processes and boosting the personal responsibility of every employee, the individual departments that make up the divisions, from development, to procurement, to production and sales, are being combined, step by step, into modules. The employees of a division work closer together in their respective modules, which speeds up the processes. The modules are around 720 square metres in size and have been added to what are rather more long-term factory buildings at the head office in Iserlohn. They include a kitchen module, a technology module, a communications module and a new products module.

We are core dealer of KOHLER BATH and KITCHENS. Kohler is the recognized leader in kitchen and bath designs world wide. Kohler kitchen and bath is a mark of durability in fusion with bold geometric figures & striking contemporary, innovative concepts & designs.

At Kohler Co., adherence to corporate mission ..."to improve the level of gracious living in the lives of all who are touched by our products and services"...identifies a clear sense of purpose for the more than 31,000 Kohler associates around the world.

InsideHomes Kitchen

We are the pioneer company which produces factory assembled cabinets with European technology, adopted for Indian homes. Company had set up its plant in 1988 in Pune with all German machines for lacquer polish, edge banding, laminate pressing etc. Every ready product goes under 4 inspections before dispatch. Employees are trained by European engineers at the company works where kitchen components are precision – manufactured from top quality raw materials.
Kitchen has the following USPs:-

  • All our shutter & carcasses are of E1 grade. Hence helps in Environmental protection.
  • Dampeners are used to prevent Noise pollution.
  • Suspension bracket- Concealed bracket to hang wall units.
  • Design is by French designer.
  • Handles are made of Zinc Alloy which is resistant to corrosion.
  • Flap-up door supporter can stop at any angle.
  • Push –pull doors are very helpful as if a person is carrying load & cannot use their hands to open the door, you can open the door with your elbow.
  • By installing air curtains in a kitchen makes the kitchen oil free.
  • Integrated chopping board & clock
  • After sales service.
  • Cam & Dowel used to connect the carcass, increases the life of the cabinet.
  • Mid block board increases the life of the cabinet.
  • The screw hole cover is used for aesthetic purposes.
  • The thickness of carcass is 18mm & color is wooden. White color also available for projects.


We import some of the leading and renowned brands for tiles from Spain & Italy. These tiles are well crafted with a perfection of cultural heritage of their respective origin, with a blend of unmatched conventional & stylish design.